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Repline Marketing Group Announces - A Cutting Edge Sales Productivity Tool!
Reporting Issues Facing Reps and Manufacturers Today

Manufacturer’s and Representatives face increasing demands for field information and greater accountability from management. We have been asked to complete comprehensive sales reports as a measurement of effectiveness. Completing monthly reports are cumbersome and tedious. The information is difficult to work with and impossible to use effectively. Unfortunately current CRM tools don’t work very well; both CRM software and web solutions are expensive and don’t address the real needs of reporting activity. CRM software requires costly updates and doesn’t offer flexible connectivity from outside the office. CRM web solutions require expensive customization and are very complicated.

Reps, whether they be inside or outside, need a versatile, easily accessible, intuitive tool that will grow and keep them in front of the technology curve.

Developed by a manufacturer’s representative with years of reporting frustrations, is a comprehensive web tool that will give you an easy to use solution for reporting your field activity. Even if you’re a computer novice, you will be able to report your activities in a few key strokes and run reports with extreme ease. And because the system is a web site, you’re able to access it any place you have internet access and never have to worry about upgrading costly software.